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Chris Thompson.

At work, an independent director & stage show producer, choreographer, talent scout, performance coach, singer and artist.  

At home, a gamer, broadway & movie enthusiast, comic art geek, and cat lover.

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MARCH 2016 - LIVING A CREATIVE LIFE!  Gearing up for some exciting projects.  I leave for New York in a couple weeks to perform in Total Vocal, directed by Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect vocal director, Sing-Off producer), swiftly followed by our own ONCUE Show: One Night Only on April 1.  Then it's Comic Expo at the end of April (booth i11, come say hi!) and I'm performing in another TOP SECRET MUSICAL fundraiser for Storybook Theatre.  I am full-to-the-top with music right now..... and that's how it should be!

OCTOBER 2015 - Living a creative life!  This summer and fall has been full of great things... I toured China for three weeks in July/August with a massive concert called APPLAUSE (Youth Singers of Calgary) and it was an unbelievable experience, both artistically and culturally.  I produced two stage shows for Calaway Park (Born2beARockstar and The Toyshop Show) that played all summer with a fantastic cast of dancers, and currently I am rehearsing for a TOP SECRET MUSICAL Fundraiser for Storybook Theatre... It's a full musical in concert and no-one will know what musical is until the lights go down!  So fun!  Amid all this, just planning a vacation to Disneyland at the end of October, and a mini tour with ONCUE to New York in March to perform in Total Vocal, directed by Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect vocal director, Sing-Off producer).  Likely also performing with Video Games Live again in April, and of course always working on artwork for another Calgary Expo at the end of April.... Another exciting year ahead!

APRIL 2015 - Living a creative life!  HIghlights so far this year have included singing with VIDEO GAMES LIVE, being featured in the CALGARY COMIC & ENTERTAINMENT EXPO's official artbook, and of course having an amazing third showing at the Expo.  I'm also fresh out of art workshops with Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, Nathan Fowkes, and Stephen Silver (a huge fan of his, and now he's a mentor!)... Got to have drinks and chat it up with these seasoned pros too, my life is blessed!

DECEMBER 2014 - This has been an incredible year for me, I hope it's be happy and successful for you too!   Wishing you a very merry Christmas, and a safe and fun New Year's!  I hope 2015 will bring you everything you have dreamed of.  Cheers!

AUGUST 2014 - So many great things happening right now I just need to list them!  My park shows are in full swing and doing well. Youth Singer planning is complete and the season starts in 3 weeks, when we start rehearsals for the main year plus our tour to CHINA next summer!   On the artwork front three cool things:  1. My artwork is now available as apparel and other items in an online store,  2. I am officially a published artist, with my artwork appearing on a novel series with author Michael Cairns.  3. Just got accepted to an exclusive artist workshop in Arizona in November with Hi-Fi Color.  On top of all this, I also started a long-term path of volunteering with the National Music Centre here in Calgary....  Check out the new building opening in a couple years!

MARCH 2014 - Having an amazing start to 2014!  I had a huge health revelation and I'm finally ready mentally to get more healthy.  Already lost 14 lbs and i feel so amazing.  Since my last update I went to the IAAPA convention in Orlando, followed by a vacation at Disneyworld (I may as well just live there) and a vacation to New York in January.  Did a "comic book guided tour" of NYC and saw The Book of Mormon and Newsies (may as well live there too, i heart NY).  I'm currently working on exciting projects with stage and artwork, and Calgary Comic Expo is just around the corner, as is the massive spring concert "Quest for the Heartsong" with YSC and my Calaway Park shows, AND we're starting to record an album with Oncue.  LIFE. IS. SWEET.  

SEPTEMBER 2013 - Well time flies!  What a successful summer... Three of my show projects at Calaway Park have been super hits.  CINEMAGIC 3D has had over 60,000 audience members, and my live stage shows have been packed all summer.  It's been a great summer!  Up-coming projects include the start of a new YOUTH SINGERS season with producing two more massive shows, LIGHT UP CHRISTMAS! and QUEST OF THE HEARTSONG, and I'm headed to the International Theme Park Conference in November!

MAY 22, 2013 - An amazing month where a few projects all come to fruition....  Having a booth at Calgary Comic Expo was a blast!  I met so many passionate, great people and finally got to show my artwork face-to-face with comic fans.. Even got a compliment from Norman Reedus (Walking Dead)!  Then KORRUS: STORIES ARE THE TELLERS OF US hit the Jubilee Auditorium stage on May 2 and it was a smash success!   Finally, my new entertainment attraction CINEMAGIC 3D opened at Calaway Park on May 18 and people love it!  It's been over a year in the planning, and finally great to hear the kids ooo and ahh.   Busy but extremely fullfilling month!  Time to get some rest, then open up two more stage shows on June 22.

APRIL 18, 2013 - CALGARY COMIC & ENTERTAINMENT EXPO is upon us!  April 26-28.  Chat me up at Booth L12

JANUARY 14, 2013 - Happy New Year!  2013 is going to rock for me with a show tour to Costa Rica, wedding in Mexico, my first showing at Calgary Comic Expo in April, brand new shows with YSC and Calaway Park in the spring and summer, and attending the International Theme Park Conference in Orlando in November.  Bring it on 2013!

DECEMBER 27, 2012 - Happy Holidays!  Finally got around to joining DEVIANTART! What an amazing site.

NOVEMNER 28, 2012 - After evading death for a week (aka my partner's cold) the inevitable has happened: I have been claimed by the reaper. You really CAN'T cheat death. So now I begin the epic boss fight to conquer being sick and I WILL WIN.  In the meantime I have been working on creative things while in quarantine... Posted some new artwork, did a couple commissions, and general caught up on some movies!  Busy month ahead... "Christmas is such a relaxing time", said no performer ever.

NOVEMBER 6, 2012 - Check out my pictures from performing with VIDEO GAMES LIVE right here!  It was a very fun night with a sold out crowd at the Jube in Calgary!  Also, just got my confirmation for my table at CALGARY COMIC EXPO in Calgary in April!  So excited for my first showing at an expo, and really just a chance to geek out with some fellow artists in the community.

OCTOBER 23, 2012 - Just got back from an amazing week in Disneyland.  Always tons of fun!  Currently in rehearsals for VIDEO GAMES LIVE happening on Nov 3 in Calgary.... Epic show!

OCTOBER 6, 2012 - Added a lot of artwork to MY ARTWORK page and I am registered for the Calgary Comic Expo in April.  Also, just finished my first commission!  It was a MEGAMAN VS METALMAN done in my own interpretation.   Very fun doing something for someone, especially when it was so appreciated.  In other news, this is the last weekend for my Calaway Park stage shows! Time flies!  Already started on next season :)

SEPTEMBER 2012 - Welcome to my space!  I am slowly adding content so come back often to see updates!

As an independent contractor in the Arts, my life has lead me in many directions and on many creative endeavors.  This is my space to share.  

Maybe you're here to take a look at the choreography projects I have been involved with, or the stage shows I have developed, or the comic art I have created. Maybe you're a colleague who would like to hire me or collaborate on a project, or a friend who is stopping by to see what I'm up to.  All are welcome!

I love to hear from people about their thoughts on my work, creative ideas, questions about my various areas of expertise or work, etc, so please feel free to get in touch!  You can use the quick form below.....

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