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I have always looked for blogs, websites and journals that showcase a variety of artists, so I thought I would create a space to share the love and showcase some other artist's work, people who's art I admire or people who I know!   

Consider it my own personal fantasy artist alley at my own convention.  ChrisCon?

Check back often... I hope this page will continue to grow regularly!

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Would you like to have a spot in my Artist Alley?  It's FREE, just contact me below with your deets, your  URL, a jpg you want to display, etc.
Vinz is a talented artist based out of Paris, France.  He is one of my favorite artists I discovered on DeviantArt... I just love his style and color.  The image on the left is a commission Vinz did for me, DARK PHOENIX VS CYCLOPS, the first commission I have ever ordered.  
MARCIO TAKARA I am putting Marcio Takara first in my Artist Alley because he is one of my favorite character artists.  Seriously, just google image his name and enjoy his  incredible drawings.  He is the artist for several comic projects (review them on his site) but I am most inspired by his single character drawings, like WONDER WOMAN here.  Great, clean style.  
How can I not have have Todd McFarlane listed here?? His artwork in comics were one of the main inspirations for me to start drawing so many years ago.  His style is probably one of the first influences on me... I just love the twisted angles.  I remember staring at a Spiderman comic drawn by Todd when I was younger and just admiring the details on the page for several minutes.  So, this is my shout-out to one of my comic art idols!
Talented artists I met at Calgary Expo 2012.  I bought a print of theirs titled SEEDPUNK, seen framed on my wall in the photo on the left.  I love the style of this piece and the sepia-tones.  Nice crisp edges, and totally stylin.  Visit their site to see their digital store!
I can't stop looking at Skottie Young's artwork!  He has such a unique point of view, and a current contemporary style that is just so unusual and wonderful.  I also really enjoy his humor, particularly in some of his X-BABIES work... So fun!  
I love Kalman's work, and he's Canadian!  Which is why I chose to show his CAPTAIN CANUCK reboot concept art on the left.   Take a look at his site... I love his clean presentation and dynamic angles.   You can also see more and purchase his art at CADENCE COMIC ART
Kaela is a talented local photographer, relatively new to the Calgary scene, and does all sorts of creative work.... anything from pets and beauty shots to ZOMBIE PHOTO SHOOTS.  So cool!